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Theodoros Theodorou, one of the most well-established and renowned artists in the field of jewellery design, organises a retrospective exhibition on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of “Theo Theodorou Jewellery” shop, presenting his work in the framework of an exhibition titled Limassol How Lucky We Are.


Theodoros Theodorou was born in Limassol where he currently lives and works. His relationship with the city is the one that every engaged and active citizen must retain with their hometown. Highly interested in the current developments and changes, Theodoros’ innovative views contribute in the best possible way to the local cultural scene. He strongly feels that the city in which he was born and raised is a piece of himself, while he usually connects his work with the neighbourhoods and the people of Limassol, its landscapes, architectural characteristics and sculptures, which he traditionally uses as a background in the photographic sessions and promotional videos of his jewellery. This relationship, connecting his artistic work with his city, is particularly apparent in his latest collection titled “NEW DIRECTIONS”, showcasing the beauties of Limassol through the innovative design of his work.

Energetic and creative, T. Theodorou has always been involved in the cultural and social life of Limassol, participating in visual art exhibitions and cultural events, while also making suggestions and proposals to Limassol Municipality related to the history and the cultural background of the city. A characteristic example of his sensitivity in relation with the past and the history of the city, was his intervention for preserving the wooden electrical posts that were once located at Anexartisias street in the city centre. His initial idea, following their replacement, was to preserve the electrical posts as part of the history of the city. This initiative was embraced by Limassol Municipality and, namely, by the Head of Cultural Services, Dr Nadia Anaxagorou, who made a relevant proposal to Christodoulos Panayiotou, a Cypriot-born internationally acclaimed visual artist. Subsequently, a visual art installation involving these utility posts was held and exhibited back then at documenta (13) in 2012 in Kassel, Germany. Today, the installation is permanently exhibited at Hammer Museum in California. 


Theodoros Theodorou studied goldsmithing at Instituto Statale d’Arte in Florence (Corso di Perfezionamento) and, since 1988, he has been creating jewellery distinguished by their highly aesthetic value and quality. His art reflects an evident inclination towards experimentation and towards exploring those limits that would otherwise seemingly restrict the creative possibilities of goldsmithing and jewellery design.


In 1990, T. Theodorou participated in the New Artists Biennale in Marseille showcasing a collection titled “APOCALYPSIS”. The latter consisted of a series of sensual jewellery on a textile basis made of women’s lingerie, to which gold and pearls were skilfully added, and turned into jewels. The ephemeral nature of the lingerie together with the intense desire they create, was combined with the eternal character of the gold, the pearl and the precious metals through a dialectic confrontation bearing a scent of femininity, manifesting the fragile yet precious female nature.

The work of T. Theodorou is elegant, diverse and sensitive, disposing of a conceptual depth and driven by research and sleek artistry. Through his collection titled “Truthfully” the artist intends to express the ultimate, purest aspect of gold as material, while avoiding the mixing of other metals such as copper and silver. In this collection the artist forges simple and compact forms using pure 24 carat gold. As he himself has stated, he was evidently affected by the turbulent events of the late ‘80s, including the end of the Cold War and the ‘drawing’ of the IronCurtain. 

Consequently, T. Theodorou began to pursue a more conceptual path in an attempt to reveal the “True” nature of gold.


Thanks to his flexibility in altering multi-coloured twisted textile threads with rings made of gold and diamonds, his collection “COCKTAIL JEWELLERY” offers the possibility of colour selection according to one’s mood and outfit. 


The striking sensation of the ‘suspended’ pearls that balance on the top of his gold rings reminding of hot air balloons, is what characterises the collection titled “OXYGEN”, attaching to the pearls a somewhat rising movement that seemingly defies gravity. 


The linear forms, at times generous and at times subtle, which T. Theodorou creates using precious and semi-precious stones in the “LIFE” collection, add colour to the delicate sculptures-jewels, thus inventing a vibrant and cheerful contrast with gold and white gold. Inspired by the vitality of nature, the jewels of this collection with their generously coloured forms, stand out for their vibrant and fresh character.


In the collection “LOVE 22”, T. Theodorou uses the traditional filigree technique (which consists of twisting fine precious metal threads) to create pins in the form of balloons, as well as elaborate rectangular boxes-necklaces with rubies, and teardrop earrings filled with fish made of Turquoise. Maintaining the subtleness of this technique yet avoiding the excess decorative elements, the artist attempts a re-interpretation of the technique in a fresh and simple style, producing a brand-new aesthetic proposal.


Moving on to an entirely different line, evidently highlighting the diverse character of his work, T. Theodorou then designed the collection “BLACK & WHITE” mainly consisting of rings in minimal-constructivist forms, sometimes reminiscent of arches and at times suggesting modernist buildings.


Finally, the entire oeuvre of T. Theodorou, spanning a 30-year artistic journey, is completed by the following three collections: “PARFUM” inspired by the scent of the city of Paris; “FOREVER YOUNG” characterised by simple lines and patterns that maintain their fresh and young character; “FOR LIFE”, consisting of an original series of solitaire rings. 


The work of T. Theodorou itself reflects his talent, ethos, inventiveness and artistic sensitivity, all of which make his jewels stand out both in terms of aesthetics and quality. The brave sculptural forms, the original design, the experimentation, the simplicity and subtleness in mixing, combining and processing the materials, in addition to his highly skilled technique are some of those features that established the jeweller as one of the most important artists of Limassol.


Manolis Hadjimanolis 

Art critic and Visual Artist

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